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When Do You Decide To Sell?

Far too often, when a business isn’t doing so well, the owner waits until it’s a little late to put things right again, and bring the business to profitability.  (We are often asked to help sell businesses that are already making losses).  No problem with that, if it’s done in the right timeframe.

However, In some cases we discover these businesses are at or near the point of insolvency (Their liabilities perhaps exceed their assets or they owe too much tax to be able to arrange to pay it off whilst continuing to trade.).  

In those cases there is often little to be done, as the work to be done may exceed payment capability or the funds required may well be unobtainable at reasonable rates.

Ask For Help Before It’s Desperate

With this in mind, we would advise it is better to seek advice sooner rather than later. After all, it may be embarrassing to admit you’ve stuffed up, but that’s nowhere near as bad as facing a possible prison term for trading whilst insolvent.

Ask Oakshield what can be done to get things back on an even keel, before it’s too late. We may well have a buyer or an investor, willing to step in and solve the problem. In that case the business can be sold for a reasonable sum and both parties get a good deal.

Before you assume “It will all work itself out” perhaps you could ask someone to look into whether there might be a better way?

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