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Direct Investment Opportunities

From time to time, in the course of our brokerage operations, we come across investment opportunities that just make sense. Sometimes it’s a property investment in an area where returns in excess of 8% per annum are possible. At other times it may be a mining services business that is growing so rapidly it is outstripping its capability to raise working capital.

The property example above is one where we made a direct investment, bringing a property developer’s dream of creating a strong investment opportunity to fruition.

We now own or have a stake in no fewer than 4 separate property development projects in Gracemere, just to the south of Rockhampton.

These are just a couple of examples of good investment  opportunities we come across.

Re-investment Opportunities

When you sell your business you must be mindful of how much of the sale price will be swallowed by taxation.  Obviously, there are tax-effective strategies you can employ, prior to sale, to mitigate against paying more in taxes than you necessarily need to pay.

For instance, you may wish to go back into business, in another industry, rather than just cashing out and going to prop up a palm tree on a beach somewhere.  For some small business owners there are tax breaks for staying in business, if not in the same industry.

When you do see, you’ll probably have a lot of money suddenly burning a hole in your pocket.  Chances are you’ll need to re-invest it somewhere.  What else do you do with money?

Talk to us before you make your move, rather than after it’s too late.

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