Private Equity Partnering

Would you rather take a backseat approach and employ someone else to do the day-to-day stuff?

In the course of our coaching and brokerage operations we sometimes unearth some real gems… situations where a good, strong business owner needs a “business angel” to add capital and/or expertise to an ongoing concern, or to a startup operation.  In those instances we are in a position to match up and introduce businesses and investors.

Talk to us about what opportunities and options we might have available, as they change regularly.

Active Shareholding Arrangements

For the investor with a flair for hands-on management, we often have businesses or business specialists looking for potential partners with complementary skills and a similar outlook to their own.

We have introduced quite a few partners to each other over the years, to create synergies and strengths that would be otherwise unrealised, if the parties were left to their own devices.

None of this is ever rushed or forced.  It’s more a case of us introducing the right partners and skills, ensuring the fit is right before the deal is done.

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