Free Business Appraisal

Free business appraisal in Brisbane

What is a Business Valuation?

Find out what your business is worth. Many owners struggle with the question ‘what’s the value of my business?’ That is why at Oakshield here at Oakshield we offer business appraisals in Brisbane to help individuals discover their company’s true worth. 

Knowing what you are worth is a vital link to business and retirement planning. It is also important in preparing your business for sale or dispute resolution.

Our method of valuation will help take the guess work out of the process and give you confidence going forward.

We offer free business appraisal and assist you every step of the business sale

Oakshield was founded on the back of almost 50 years of business wisdom, gained through an incredible journey of success (and a few failures) of the founder, Norman Emanouel. 

Oakshield is not the biggest business brokerage firm in the market. In fact, in all of the years since we started in 1999, that has never been our aim.

We will only list a business for sale if you are fully committed to the process. We have learned, through many years of experience, the skills necessary to identify and realise the potential within a business.

“We don’t list a business for sale unless we believe it’s ready for sale.”

We do not, and will not, run about after any and every listing we can find. Listing and selling a business properly is a complex process based upon trust and understanding between the vendor and the broker. 

We can’t do justice to you and your business unless we can gain a thorough understanding of how you both operate.

Why use Oakshield's free business appraisal?

We are happy enough to offer a free appraisal of your business, if you wish. We won’t pull any punches in our assessment and you may be surprised at what we see in your business that you may not notice, if only because you are close to it on a daily basis. 

If you go through this website you will see there are not too many businesses listed for sale. We are picky about who we take on and we don’t list a business for sale unless we believe it’s ready for sale. There are not a lot of brokers who take our approach.

We will want to first look at your place of business, to assess how you, and especially your customers, assess your business. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, after all.

We’ll also need to take a look at your financials, with an assurance we will maintain strict confidentiality as to any information, financial or otherwise, we see during that process.

We will take a little time to talk to you, the owner, to gauge your feelings toward the potential divestment, and to establish what plans you have for the business and how you would see it being marketed.

“Advice, direction and support to sell our business withing 3 weeks of listing”

I highly recommend Oakshield, they helped us sell our business and were fantastic through the whole process. With great advice and direction, and with the support of the Oakshield team our business was sold within 2 weeks of listing.

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