December 12, 2022

We got Featured on the Flooring Magazine!

We Got Featured On Flooring Magazine (1) (1)

Celebrating Our Feature

Oakshield has had the privilege of featured by Flooring Magazine. And today we’d like to share exactly why this is such a special and momentous occasion for us.

What Led To This Moment

Established in 1999, Oakshield has grown to be a tremendous success in the business brokering industry. Leading this success story is our fantastic director Norman Emanouel. Norman is one of the Australian greats in business brokering as Oakshield managed the sales of over 150 businesses.

From success to suffering great losses and back to success, Norman has many trials garnering a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge. This experience and knowledge is one of the reasons that Oakshield is set apart from others. Moreover, this is exactly what inspired Flooring magazine to feature us.

Here is a brief summary of what we shared

  1. A brief rundown of our story and how Oakshield came to be what it is today
  2. Our philosophy and mission that we hope to achieve when working with any client.
  3. A list of services that we provide to our customers to give an idea of what to expect from working with us.
  4. And lastly we shared our opinion on Business Advisory and Coaching Services.
If any of these topics were of interest, check out the blog by clicking the read more button and heading to page 44-46.

Our Services

  1. Before providing our services, we make sure to become properly acquainted with our customers. This is extended in the form of providing guest stay over night in order to give us both time to plan our working futures together. We do this both for practicality as well as to ensure clients receive the enjoyable experience they can with Oakshield. 
  2. We consider ourselves different to the usual business broker. This is reflected in how we look at businesses from all perspectives. we compare businesses to the industry as a whole and immediately provide practical steps on how to boost performance. Our striving for boosting your performance goes hand in hand with improving sale value and increasing overall success.
  3. We follow the philosophy of adding value and enhancing the worth of your business. We achieve this by providing a thoroughly crafted exit strategy that would see the best possible outcome for the vendor.

What are some general services we provide?

  • Business health check reviews
  • Management reporting and financial goal setting
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Strategic planning and ongoing monitoring / reporting
  • Succession planning and exit strategies
  • Taxation and structuring advice
  • Digital transformation services

Answering a Question from Flooring Magazine

Flooring Magazine has asked us to share our thoughts on business advisory as well as business coaching, so here are our thoughts:

  1. To us business advisory is analyzing our clients problems and potential risks and providing thoughts on how to minimize them.
  2. Business coaching is one of the tools that provides us the means to take a client from where they are to where they want to be.

Why Flooring Magazine is so special

Flooring Magazine is an amazing B2B magazine service that was established in 1981 and continues to serve business around the world to this day. Features like this connects us with other businesses allowing us to grow together and bring the best quality services we can possibly provide.

You can read the latest issue on Elite publishing or by clicking the link below which will take you straight to the article (pages 44-46).


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